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Design and Applications of Card Edge Connectors

Published Date : August 18, 2017

An edge connector is the part of printed circuit board that contains traces that lead to the brinkof the board that are used to plug into a socket that matches. These edge connectors are extremely durable and robust; they are devices which save money as they need only an individual female connector. They are generally used in expansion slots and computers for peripheral cards like AGP cards, PCI express and PCI.

Design of Socket

The sockets of the edge connectors contain a box that is made up of plastic and is open on one side, having pins on both or just one sideof the edges that are longer and is leaped to push in the mid of the open center. The connectors are usually keyed to make sure of the correct electrical polarity, and may consist of notches or bumps and to confirm the wrong side of the connector is not being inserted. The width of the socket is selected to fit according to the thickness of the connecting printed circuit board. The side which is opposite of the socket is usually an insulation-piercing connector which is attached to a ribbon cable. On the other hand, the other side may be fused to a daughtercard or a motherboard.


The edge connectors are generally used for personal computers in order to connect the computer memory and expansion cards to the system bus.  For example, expansion peripheral technologies that make the use of edge connectors consist of AGP cards, PCI express and PCI. Personal computers of IBM make the use of edge connector sockets linked to for connecting 5.25 floppy disk drives. Pin connectors are used by 3.5 drives. Cartridges of video games usually take the form of a printed circuit board with an edge connector. The socket is placed inside the console itself. A zero insertion force edge connector was designed to be used for the Nintendo entertainment system which was unusual. The cartridge was initially placed in a bay and then automatically placed into the location instead of the cartridge forced directly into the socket by the user.

Card edge connectors are also useful in measuring devices and exchangers. An excellent card edge connector is said to have minimum curving angle and wiping action. The latest Card Edge Connectors are made up of beryllium copper contact materials and while the traditional card connectors were made of high spring force contact materials. The card edge connectors that are latest provide enhanced electrical features, operating temperatures, high maximum and high voltage ratings. Upcoming demands of these features in card connectors have a significant impact on the card edge connector market.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Card Edge Connectors Market by Device Type, Socket Type, and Application - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at