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Depth Survey Report on Variety of Tea Types

Published Date : December 05, 2019

A Variety of Tea Types

Tea is old refreshment saturated with history and sentiment and loved by many. Indeed, tea is the most regularly devoured drink on the planet after water. There are different legends about how tea was discovered, yet the most well known are the story of Shen Nung, the antiquated Emperor of China, who, in 2737 BC, was heating his drinking water when leaves from a nearby tea hedge tree blew into the cauldron. In the wake of drinking the blend, the emperor was wonderfully amazed by its flavor and therapeutic properties. Subsequently, tea was conceived. It rapidly turned into the most loved drink in China and spread to Europe and the Americas. All tea is gotten from one plant, Camellia sinensis. Green Tea is delivered by warming the leaves not long after collecting through a procedure of steaming or dish terminating to keep oxidation from occurring, and after that rolling and drying the leaves. Oolong and Dark tea experience full or fractional oxidation, which makes the leaves and it’s subsequent in different colors.

Types of Tea:

  • White Tea: White tea is a gently oxidized tea; not at all like every single other tea, white teas are not rolled or molded at all. Not be similar to green teas, white tea leaves are likewise not warmed to neutralize the compounds that cause oxidation.
  • Green Tea: Green tea is unoxidized tea, which means the leaves were not permitted to turn to shade. The completed leaf is green without turning red or brown. Green teas use a variety of techniques, together with steaming, pan firing, baking, hot-air roasting, and smooth sun-drying.
  • Black Tea: Black teas are completely oxidized leaf; catalysts that cause shade change and create further fragrance and flavor in the tea have done their work, much like a minced apple that has been permitted to brown.
  • Oolong Tea: Oolong is a somewhat oxidized tea; it falls in a wide range of white tea and black tea. Oolong is classy and highly artisanal, offering a flavor for every palate. They are richly aromatic with a ripe pit or steamy fruit and honeyed flavors.
  • Pu-erh Tea: Pu-erh is an aged tea, with profound black or brown leaf. It is delivered through an expanded maturing that permits the tea to age and ferment. Pu-erh is quite a bigger tea class, called Dark Tea.

According to a survey done on the tea market, drinking calorie-free tea may help with weight management. These market studies suggest that tea flavonoids help lift metabolic rate, boost fat oxidation and recover insulin activity. Tea catechins can also offer modest shifts in metabolism that may improve weight loss and preservation.