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Bio-based Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Published Date : February 06, 2019

The term bio based PET by itself gives a weird feel of what exactly this term is all about.  Before we start dealing with bio based PET, it is absolutely indispensable to have some knowledge on PET. PET is the acronym of the chemical compound Poly-Ethylene Terephthalate which is a chemical derived from polyesters and its resins. It is a pure plastic like polyester that is very widely used in the production of bottles, packed goods, interiors of automobiles and so on. Similarly bio based PET is part of our eco-packaging. A new way of recycling materials is given by bio based PET. Bio pet is used mainly to manufacture bottles and other consumer products including some components of the dharma industry. PET consists of 70% petroleum based contents and 30% bio based MSG ah. The applications and recent trends (i.e.IOT) are discussed below.


Manufacturing bottles and containers

Bio-based PET when looked at the application level has been primarily used for packing carbonated soft drinks (CSD also known as aerated drinks) and alcoholic beverages including wine and beer. Almost 84.6% of bottles produced for the storage of soft drinks are made using bio based PET.

As a component of technical parts      

 The second most important application of bio based PET is in the exterior and interior part designing of technical devices. This is used in such delicate technical devices because of the fat that bio based PET has very light weight and high shatter resistance. There are numerous technical components that have been manufactured using bio based components. This usage rate is expected to be higher above 35% by 2023 which signifies the importance of bio based PET in technical components.

In the manufacture of electronic devices

Since bio based PET has high tensile strength and shatter resistivity, it is used in the form of thin fabrics and sheets in electric devices where greater amount of tensile ability is required. These are the various applications of bio based PET. The advanced and the current areas of study related to bio based PET is presented below.


The transition of our society into a green environment has a lot to do with bio based PET since adoption of green plastics is seen as a major step towards green society. Manufacture of green plastics with the help of bio based PET is in the research stages but would soon be implemented for the betterment of our society. Secondly purely bio based PET bottles have gathered more attention since they are cost effective and impressive. The making of pure bio based PET bottles is also one of the current trends in the field of bio plastics pertaining to bio based PET. Thus certainly there is a lot of scope for further blossoming of the bio based PET study which may be an important force in the march towards a green society.