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Benefits of the Magical Kambucha

Published Date : August 29, 2018


Kombucha is liquid drink which has its roots in China, it was consumed in China 2200 years back. It is more of a tea prepared by fermenting yeast. By the fermenting process, kombucha becomes carbonated and has different elements present (vinegar, probiotics, enzymes, Vitamin B, etc.). Kombucha has the properties of detoxifying, immunity boosting and energizing the body. According to the age-old study this drink is preferred to deal with reducing pain, supports hair growth, helps to improve gut health and also boost digestion. Due to the expansion for the trade routes kombucha came to Russia and ten spread over into Europe. Around the 1960s, Swiss scientists researched and found kombucha advantageous like yoghurt for the gut health.

Nutritional factors:

When it comes to nutritional factors, they differ from brand to brand and also differ in homemade ones. If we consider unpasteurized and organic kombucha from a 16 ounce bottle, then the nutrient content is as follows -

  • 60 Calories
  • 20 mg Sodium
  • 14 g Carbohydrates
  • 4 g Sugar
  • Vitamin B2, B6, B1, B12 and B3 indifferent concentrations


Kombucha has a variety of health benefits some of them are:

  • Prevention of variety of medical conditions: As kombucha contains antioxidants, it helps in detoxifying the body and reducing the chance of body getting affected by some disease. When it comes antioxidants, they reduce the disease from its root.
  • Healthy gut: This drink includes different substances like probiotics, amino acids, enzymes and different beneficial acids, these things are the key reason for healthy gut.
  • Helpful for lungs: Kombucha has a surprising use that is related to treating a lung disease called Silicosis provoked by contact with silica particles. It can also cope with other lung diseases provoked by breathing of toxic agents form the surrounding.
  • For diabetes management: Due to the presence of antioxidants, kombucha helps in reducing diabetes. This is only if kambucha is consumed without any sugar.
  • Good for healthy liver: The function of liver is to filter and eliminate harmful compounds, kombucha helps in protecting liver from oxidative stress and harm from acetaminophen overdose.

Cautions and risks:

  • Someone with any specific illness, pregnant women and nursing moms should consult the doctor before consumption. It contains ingredients that should be avoided during pregnancy like caffeine and sugar.
  • People with any digestive problem should check with the doctor. The existence of probiotics and difference in gut bacteria may cause inflation to some people after drinking.
  • Sometimes bad bacteria is produced due to wrong processing of kombucha, it mainly happens when the fermentation is done at home.
  • Vessel for preparing kombucha also matters, if prepared in ceramic vessel it may lead to an acidic output liquid.