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Benefits of Fish Oil

Published Date : June 11, 2018


Fish oil, a derivative procured from the fatty tissues of oily fishes is widely known for its salubrious benefits. They consist of various types of oils that are prevalently used in the treatment of various conditions. Source fishes that furnish oil are not producing oil themselves; they rather accumulate oil through the consumption of prey fish or microalgae. This has consequently rendered the consumers of these oils with high risk for consumption of toxic contaminants like PCBs, Chlordane, mercury and dioxin due to biomagnifications. The oil extraction from fishes that are in the top of food chain like tilefish, sharks, albacore tuna and swordfish is quite detrimental due to the accumulation of toxic substances. Environmental Protection Agency in USA, exhorts the limited consumption for children and women.

Content of fish oils:

The omega-3 oils and omega-6 oils are crucial in contriving the essential properties that contribute for the health benefits offered by the fish oils. The content of fish oils include DHA components, EPA components and the antecedents of some eicosanoids that aid in the reduction of inflammation observed in the body. The fish varieties found in marine water and fresh water differ in their respective DHA and EPA contents. Fish oils are mostly used for aquaculture feeds.

Benefits of fish oil’s oral consumption:

Fish oil has numerous health benefits and is usually preferred for men, women and children of all age groups. They are consumed orally for prevention of re-narrowing occurring in blood vessels usually after surgical procedures, weight loss purposes, treatment of stomach ulcers, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, pneumonia, seasonal allergies; enhancement of muscle strength and prevention of muscle soreness after exercise require the usage of fish oil as well.

Intravenous intake of fish oils:

Apart from the oral consumption, fish oil has found significant importance through their intravenous usage and external application oriented usage for the treatment of issues pertaining to skin and other vital parts. The most prevalent conditions encompass pressure ulcers, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, blood infection and cystic fibrosis.

Tendentious overview of fish oils:

Although there have been numerous studies undertaken to reveal the robustness of fish oils with respect to conditions pertaining to heart and prostate cancer, the acquired results have only been controversial. The consumption of these supplements that possess higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids could result in higher rates of bleeding as well. Furthermore, there have been numerous claims indicating the effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids content in resolving depression. However, a test report from 2014 had concluded that the usage of omega-3 fatty acids is not effective when consumed by depressive patients who had not undergone MDD diagnosis, but effective for patients who had gotten diagnosed with MDD.