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An overview of neurostimulation and its devices

Published Date : June 15, 2017

An overview of neurostimulation and its devices

When certain diseases fail to react to drugs thereby resulting in their inability to cure that particular problem, an advanced therapy known as neurostimulation comes into picture. Simply put neurostimulation is the scientific term for a kind of therapy that is used for treatment and diagnosis of various disorders caused by nervous system.

Market Analysis

The global market of neurostimulation devices is expected to grow in the near future, attributing to the market driving factors being the expected increase in the number of patients of Parkinson’s disease in the upcoming years as per the trends and statistics. 

 Parkinson's disease is a type of disorder of nervous system.
The market industry of neurostimulation devices of North America owing to the rising awareness among people resulting in increased expenditure on healthcare facilities is considered to be the largest one.

Further overview of neurostimulation and its devices

The neurostimulation process works by modifying the nerve cell activities and other brain cells. For the purpose of such modifications both implantable and non-implantable devices are made available. These devices transmit some electrical or chemical or some other agents for therapeutic purposes. Such devices are subject to surgical implantation into a patient's organs which are controlled by leads and some thin wires.The initial and most important function of neurostimulation is the treatments for reduction of chronic pains. These pains may be the resultant of conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, neuropathic pain, nociceptive pain and possibly depression too.

It plays a crucial role in providing a better quality of life to the patients suffering from obesity, paralysis and severe loss of sensory organs. It is considered to be the best treatment without the use of drugs in a therapeutic way for handling and reducing the pain linked with unsuccessful back surgery or diabetic neuropathy. The neurostimulation devices also acts as an important used in neuro prosthetics for the purpose of artificial limbs, hearing aids, artificial vision and so on.

Most Commonly used Neurostimulation devices

1.    Spinal cord stimulation which is used for curing the pain caused by peripheral neuropath or failed back surgery and pain due to reduced supply of blood to the limbs, urinary incontinence and occipital neuralgia too.
2.    The deep brain stimulation which is used for the treatment of Parkinson's plus syndromes.
3.    Intracranial stimulation
4.    Peripheral nerve stimulation
5.    Motor cortex stimulation

Ranked from largest to smallest, geographically the market of neurostimulation devices is as follows-

1) North America accounting to leading and largest market of such devices.
2) Followed by Latin America
3) Then Europe
4) Standing on the fourth place Asia Pacific
5) Then Middle East Africa at last.

The main end users of neurostimulation devices are the medical clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation centres.


To sum up the neurostimulation devices market is soon going to increase in future aiming at better therapeutic treatments of patients being suffering from nervous system disorders in a better way.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Neurostimulation Market by Technology, Application, and Biomaterial - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at