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All About Hearing Screening & Diagnostic Devices

Published Date : August 18, 2017


Loss of hearing is a result of impairment of the hearing ability, partially or totally. This can occur due to hereditary or non-hereditary factors. Certain complications that arise during the period of pregnancy or childbirth can also be the reason behind this impairment. It can also occur as an acquired result of few diseases that are infectious which include measles, meningitis and several other ear infections that grow to be chronic. There are devices required for screening this hearing loss and diagnosing the condition in a proper way.

Market for hearing screening & diagnostic devices

The global market for hearing screening and diagnostic devices is estimated to witness a substantial compound annual growth rate(CAGR) during the forecast period of 2017-2025. Increase in the incidents of deafness due to rise in the noise pollution levels, ear infections, genetic disorders and complications occurring since birth have been the market driving factors for this. Growth in the population of geriatric clients has also added to the expansion of the market industry for hearing screening and diagnostic devices.

More about hearing screening and diagnostic devices

Increase in the adverse conditions has increased the affectivity of hearing impairment among individuals. This medical condition is basically of three types which are named as conductive, sensorineural and mixed loss of hearing. Amongst these, conductive loss of hearing is resulted due to problems of ear canal, middle ear and the small bones present there or ear drum. Issues occurring in the inner ear cause sensorineural hearing loss. Mixed loss of hearing is a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing losses. This has stood up as a severe issue for elderly people withdrawing them from physical and social health. This section of the population is found to be more prone to the condition. The impairment leads to problematic information exchange because of loss of hearing which slowly leads to dependence, loneliness and frustration in addition to communication issues, hence posing a significant effect in the lives of elderly clients on a daily basis. The growing demand has also driven the research and developments works in order to bring in more improved technologies. Developers are focusing towards introducing innovative devices which would meet up the level of increasing medical needs. There are a number of tests for hearing screening which include Pure Tone Audiometry, Weber and Rinne test, Hearing in Noise Test, etc. In order to diagnose the problem, effective devices are available in the market.


Hearing screening and diagnostic devices are used by a huge number of populations due to growing hearing loss. These devices have been successful in meeting up to the expectations, thus adding to their hike in market.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Hearing Screening & Diagnostic Devices Market by Type of Test, Device Type, and Indication - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at