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Advantages of Using Wearable Medical Devices

Published Date : July 19, 2017


Wearable medical devices like the hearing aid are largely considered by people all over the world and are useful for many functions like monitoring the heartbeat and managing pain. The First hearing aid that is wearable was nurtured in the year 1938, by Aurex Corp which is a Chicago electronics manufacturer and proved to excel in the industry of wearable medical devices.

Mr. Shane Walker at research firm IHS is the principal analyst of digital health and wearable technologies has claimed that the industry of wearable that consists of  medical gadgets, health and fitness devices like smartwatches are mainly helpful in communication and are expected to rise this year up to 170 million shipments in manufacturer sales globally.

Persistent illness like hypertension, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart failure are objectified by wearable medical devices. However, devices like the smartwatch are unable to detect precise glucose monitoring in the body, nevertheless it is claimed that establishments around the globe are working on it. Wearable devices help patients to understand disease in the initial stages curtailing the further risks and cost of hospitals.

The major task for wearable medical devices is acquiring consent of the Food and Drug Administration. If an upcoming wearable device that is being newly launched and can perform functions or provides features that no other device can it takes longer for the Food and Drug Administration to approve.

Below are some of the wearable medical devices:

  • Emotiv insight-   it is an electroencephalogram headset used in monitoring substantial data of the brainwave to a computer or a smartphone wirelessly. The emotive insight delivers 5 electroencephalogram sensors and 2 reference sensors along with comprehensive information on the activity of the brain. Measurements are taken on the grounds of stress, excitement, focus, interest and relaxation.
  • Suitx Phoenix- is a device which is not heavy and to be worn on the body. It is useful for infirm people as it helps them in upstanding and locomotive. The weight of the device is 12.25 kgs and works up to 8 hours on single charge.
  • HealthPatch MD- This is a fresh technology introduced by Vital Connect that helps to keep necessary information of patients in healthcare. The HealthPatch MD can be connected to any mobile by and gives out real time data by biosensor. It contains electroencephalogram electrodes that monitor the position of the patients in case the patient has collapsed, heart rate and temperature.
  • Abbott Diabetes Care- Extremely useful for people suffering from diabetes as the Abbott Diabetes Care keeps track of the glucose in the body of the patient. This device disqualifies the use of other glucose testing devices.