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A Brief Overview on Medical Lasers

Published Date : June 07, 2017

Science has progressed drastically to finally come to a point where it is the bare property of heat that helps lasers happen in today’s times. In other words, medical lasers has grabbed every surgeon’s attention in the past few years, and more importantly, has grabbed the attention of all of those who actually get it done and believe in the system.

Lasers basically make use of light and heat properties to eradicate certain tissues from the body. This is what doctors’ term as ‘radiation,’ and therefore the full form of laser, that is, ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.’ It works in various ways, because the most important property of light is that of creating heat waves, and these heat waves not only spread across different directions, but also have different affects, and are therefore used in this process.

The global medical lasers market is estimated to garner USD 13 billion by the end of 2025 owing to increasing prevalence of eye disorders along with fast aging population and rising inclination towards laser-based treatment procedures. A particular survey conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), in 2016, Americans alone spent over USD 15 billion on non surgical as well as surgical aesthetic procedures in 2016. Nearly, 500,000 to 700,000 medical care professionals in the United States are making use of medical lasers for their procedures.

This laser is a device that basically helps in emitting the warmest, and the most striking heat wave and beam so as to make the process of medical laser happen. There are different lasers that are therefore used for different kinds of purposes. Recently, there’s been a boom in the medical ‘aesthetics’ needs and a constant desire to improve in terms of technology. As we are already aware, ‘cosmetic surgeries’ are something that is rapidly growing across countries, to change the physical appearance of the body as they are performed on them. With respect to those, there are three of the most important lasers that surgeons use for different kinds of cosmetic surgeries. Firstly, the most popular laser system used is the ‘Diode Laser’ used in the surgery of eyes and others related to it. This laser consists of important elements such as high powered optics; heat bars and so on, and uses infrared and other heat and light emitting options to treat eye problems. The second in line is the ‘Solid State Laser.’ The distinctive feature in this is that it consists of elements such as lights and crystals, and high powered heat and light emitting devices for better performance through electric supply. The last one is definitely ‘Gas lasers.’ These, as the name suggests, use gas and this takes place by actually pumping in the gas or plasma into the system. And again, this works with high power electric supply to treat varies surgeries.

In conclusion, lasers have made huge developments in the field of medicine and continue to do the same. The fastest growing industry has been that of ‘cosmetics’ and other related surgeries such as plastic surgeries, Botox, and so on.

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