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A Brief Explanation of Wearable Injectors

Published Date : August 08, 2017

Wearable injectors symbolize a new level for injectable drug delivery systems. It is a device that can be worn on a patient’s body and carries the drug in to the body. In contrast with insulin pumps, they are constructed for single use. After the drug is injected, the patient can peel the device off and throw it. There is no requirement for any kind of training for using this device as it is designed to deliver a certain amount of drug in the given time. These injectors are required to render drugs that are biologic that cannot be taken by a handheld device. As these drugs are very vicious to be diluted with a dose of 1ml, these drugs need to be diluted in a dosage of 3ml to 15ml for injecting it into the body.

In recent years, an expanding interest has been noticed in wearable injectors. One of the reasons of the increasing interest could be increased number of biologics in Pharma.  When a drug delivery system does not enhance the experience of patients, drug delivery developers may miss an important aim to bring out resolutions that meet the Pharma’s technical needs and the main requirements of the patients. In order for wearable injectors to be spread widely, it is imperative to acknowledge the needs of the patient as their commercial success may be at stake.

Expectation of Patients

Steps to use - the device should not need more steps than a regular injector. The main container needs to loaded and placed in area of injection site and finally, the drug is discharged.

Comfort-the device must be able to render a substantial amount of drug in one go and with less pain. The patents movement or posture should not influence the performance of the device as the user may feel their flexibility is inhibited.

Safety- the user should feel safe and all the potential risks should be reduced as needles are required to fill the drug into the device

Confidence- the patient must have confidence that the device will perform efficiently for the continuation of the treatment. Feedback on the progress may be important to improve confidence.

The importance of every area relies on the state of disease of every patient, their approach towards their treatment and healthcare professionals and care takers.

There are certain criteria that need to be considered as regular requirements for wearable injector:

  • Rate of delivery- variable, bolus or basal rate injection of one dose
  • Filling- adaptable with typical filling processes.
  • Visibility of drug- the user must be able to see the drug before and while injecting it into the body.
  • Viscosity- must be up to 100cP
  • Needle- automatic insertion of a sterile needle.

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