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40 percent of the patients who have found their way out of cancer received radiation oncology

Published Date : October 24, 2018

What is radiation oncology?

Radiation oncology sometimes referred as radiation therapy and radio therapy is a new medical technology that makes use of radiations in a controlled manner to treat or decrease pain and suffering for the cancer patients. The therapy makes use of ionizing radiation combined with other cancer treatments. Almost 40 percent of the patients who have found their way out of cancer went under the treatment that consisted of radiation therapy. The three types of radiation oncology are- Brachytherapy or sealed source radiation therapy, External beam radiation therapy also known as XRT or EBR Tor teletherapy and Systemic radioisotope therapy also known as unsealed source radiotherapy.


Who carries out radiation oncology?

The treatment is carried out by a radiation oncology team. The team consists of medical professionals mainly the three specialists the radiation oncologists or doctors, radiation oncology medical physicists and the radiation therapists. The team is highly trained and utilizes advanced and latest technologies efficiently in order to provide effective therapy with the help of radiations for the cancer patients. Oncology specialist can also perform the therapy individually but for that a doctor requires a lot of experience and knowledge.


What are the characteristics of radiation oncology?

  • It is precise- radio therapy is precise and accurate it depicts the exact location of the tumor as well as the pain and thus provides better and faster solution. Locating the exact location of tumor leads to the most effective treatment and thus there are more chances to be cured completely.
  • It is a modern technology- radio oncology has been invented in the recent years it’s not old because it makes use of some of the latest technologies that were not possible some years back. Laser and radiation treatments have taken the healthcare sector by storm in these last years.
  • It is a team effort- the therapy need to be performed under the team that is made up of various specialist, as the process is a bit complex to be conducted by an individual. In very cases the therapy is performed by a single doctor and that because he is very experienced and has performed various therapies before.

It is a regular process- radio therapy is a medical treatment that has to be performed regularly and once can see the results eventually. It is a time consuming but a lifesaving process.