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    September 2018

    What is E- Pharmacy?

    E- Pharmacy in other words is also known as online pharmacy is a virtual medical store that runs on internet. One can look for and even buy the desired medicines, drugs, cosmetics and prescriptions by placing an order. All the ordered products are usually delivered to the buyer’s doorstep. In the era of technology and communication advancement there is a large number of E-Pharmacy available over internet. The pharmacy can be national or international.

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    September 2018

    What are diabetic shoes?

    People with diabetes often suffer from neuropathy in their feet and often experience numbness in their feet and are mostly worried about it.

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    September 2018

    Understanding Platelets & Plasma Better

    Platelets are a type blood cells that are usually smaller than the red blood cells and do not contain hemoglobin. Platelets are disc- shaped elements in blood are present in humans and animals (mammals).