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    November 2018

    Production and Application of Glycerol

    Glycerol refers to a polyol compound that has been extensively used in food and pharmaceutical industries. They are prevalently found in all triglycerides.

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    November 2018

    Variants and Uses of Polyethylene glycol

    Polyethylene glycol is a compound with rampant industrial applications and medicinal applications. They are polyether compounds that are also known as polyoxyethylene (POE) or polyethylene oxide (PEO) on the basis of their molecular weight.

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    November 2018

    Types and Uses of Pleated Filters

    Air filter is necessary to eliminate the presence of solid particulates such as mould, dust, bacteria, and pollen in air. Hence, they are known as particulate air filters. Typical air filters are composed of fibrous materials in order to remove the presence of solid particulates. Air filters commonly employ pleated paper filters.